Lowdown On American Express And Amex Casinos

With the legalization of U.S. Casinos online, casino players in any legislated jurisdiction now have the luxury of being pickier about where they play. While much of the decision-making around what online casino to play with depends on game selection and reputation, a big part of why you might choose one online casino over another involves payment options. One of the most popular banking methods for U.S. Casino players has become American Express, AKA AMEX. We'll give you a rundown as to why casino players are choosing American Express Casinos, the benefits of making deposits and withdrawals using AMEX, and other things worth considering, especially when choosing where to make that first online casino deposit.

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Let'S Hear A Bit About Amex

American Express (or AMEX) is well-known as one of the most robust and convenient online payment methods. Online transactions are made easily and quickly. AMEX also has a sterling reputation regarding safety and security, generally being regarded as one of the top online payment methods for customer safety. For online casino gambling, AMEX is one of the top choices, and for all the reasons above is listed as a banking method by most of the big, trusted online casino sites.

Top For Security And Mobile Apps

Being one of the towering companies in the banking world, renowned for premium credit and debit cards, American Express always comes with a little extra prestige. Set up way back in 1850, AMEX has over 100 million cards out there in use worldwide. Many of its users are located in the United States, but AMEX is a global company operating in many countries. The combination of AMEX's long standing reputation for security and their experience, AMEX cards are regarded as one of the most trustworthy when making an online deposit or withdrawal for online gaming. If American Express detects any sign that your card has been compromised online or offline, they take immediate steps to stop any damage from being done. Top AMEX casinos accept the brand because players get the benefits of speedy transactions with little fuss. Remaining abreast of the competition, AMEX users can also make the most out of a top-notch AMEX APP, available to download on iOS and Android.

Making An Amex Casino Deposit Or Withdrawal

AMEX Deposit

If you've made any online transaction before, learning to deposit at an online casino using your American Express card isn't going to blow your mind. It's all pretty straightforward.

  1. Have your AMEX Card to hand and open the online casino site
  2. Log in (or register a casino account) and locate the cashier section of the banking screen
  3. Choose American Express as your deposit option. More often than not, you'll find this is the first option in the list of banking methods.
  4. Enter your AMEX details, fill in your card information, and how much you want to deposit. Commonly, online casinos have an average minimum deposit of $10-$20. One of our tips is to start by making a small deposit at a new online casino to test the waters before making any more significant deposits online.
  5.  Enjoy playing with your Real Money casino chips! After making an AMEX casino deposit, you should find the funds in your casino account within minutes. If you opt-in for a Welcome Deposit Bonus, you might instantly get bonus funds on top of your AMEX deposit, so be fully aware of the restriction when playing. Wagering requirements will likely prohibit you from withdrawing funds until that bonus money and deposit have been played through. However, if you have yet to sign up for any Welcome Offers, your real money AMEX deposit should give you the ammo to enjoy plenty of gaming thrills!

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Withdrawing using AMEX at an online casino

  1. Making a withdrawal at an online casino with AMEX is as simple as making a deposit. The steps to making an American Express withdrawal are much the same.
  2. Login to the online casino and locate the banking screen or casino cashier section
  3. Click on American Express or the AMEX symbol
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Note: check an online casino's various withdrawal limits. Many online casinos have as little as a $20 minimum withdrawal, and maximum withdrawals can vary significantly, depending on the casino, although there are plenty that set no limit on withdrawals.
  5. Wait for the payment to be processed. This is more involved than making a deposit, as a casino payout has to go through a process of checks before landing in your AMEX account. It should take a maximum of a few days for the funds to arrive in your American Express balance.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Amex


AMEX is world-renowned for being one of the safest and most secure methods for online payments. While online casinos are gaining trust, in the past, there has been wariness around the legitimacy of online casinos and hesitancy to make online payments. But, with the licensing in legislated states, players can feel much more reassured that their funds are safe making an online payment, especially when using a deposit method like AMEX. There are some casinos on our list of Top Casinos that are almost as well known in the U.S. as American Express itself, like BetMGM and Borgata. So, with the combined security measures in place at AMEX and the big online casino brands, you should have complete peace of mind. AMEX's two-step authentication system is just one of the latest ways they have gone to ensure player safety.

AMEX Loyalty program

American Express incentivizes its users with various loyalty schemes – much like at the best online VIP programs – so there's always a bonus to selecting AMEX as a payment method when gaming online.

Fast deposits

Speed means a lot to an online casino player. So often, you are making a deposit online, geared up to play that online slot tournament, or ready to give a new slot game a spin on launch day, and what happens? There's a delay on the deposit, and by the time your casino balance shows, you've lost that gaming feeling. That will rarely happen with AMEX deposits, as AMEX deposits are known to be one of the quickest in the industry. Make an American Express Casino deposit, and your casino chips should be ready to play within minutes.

American Express Mobile APP

Tracking your deposits and withdrawals using a handy mobile APP makes online banking much less hassle. Seeing how much you put in and get out of a casino allows a player to have a realistic view of their winnings and losses, which is one of the seldom-mentioned pieces of advice for being a winning online casino player. You can log into the American Express mobile APP using your fingerprint or Face ID.

Disadvantages Of American Express

AMEX Withdrawals up to 5 Business Days

The downside of American Express being so airtight regarding security is that they also have longer processing times, meaning you can take up to 5 business days for your withdrawal to hit your AMEX account. Frustrating as that can be when you withdraw with AMEX, there is an extra sense of trust, knowing that AMEX keeps a close watch on your funds as they travel on the iGaming ether.

Not all online casinos accept American Express

As popular as AMEX is an online casino banking option, not all casinos are listed in their cashier section as payment methods. You will nearly always find VISA and Mastercard, but AMEX is only sometimes added. It would be best to decide whether an online casino is right for you based on its payment options. As we always advise: the first thing to check is that the online casino is fully licensed. Even if they have AMEX listed, if the U.S. Casino online needs to be licensed, do not add a cent to the casino – using any payment method!

Ready To Start Gaming With Amex Casinos?

Of course, when it comes to making an online casino deposit, the real aim of any gambler is to cash out more than they put in. Making an AMEX Casino deposit, the best thing is to see a withdrawal of winnings hit your AMEX Mobile APP. Getting that notification saying the funds have hit your account is a great feeling. While there are not any specially AMEX-focussed casino games online, it might be worth mentioning a few of the big progressive jackpots out there – just in case you hit the big one and see that life-changing payout hit your mobile AMEX APP. Suppose you find an American Express Casino that also hosts Microgaming games. In that case, we'd suggest considering playing on their Mega Moolah and WowPot slots – as these often have over £10,000,000 progressive jackpots to win. American Express is one of the banking methods you could trust with that massive cashout.

American Express Casino Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Express available at all U.S. online casinos?

AMEX is a popular payment option at many online casinos in the U.S... However, it is listed as a banking method in some online casinos. Check the online casino's cashier section of banking pages before signing up to see a complete list of payment methods.

Should I use American Express at an online casino?

If you are using AMEX to make online transactions, using your AMEX card to deposit and withdraw at an online casino should be much the same. AMEX comes with the added weight of being one of the most secure and trusted online payment methods. So long as the casino you play at is licensed in the U.S. and accepts AMEX as a payment option, we have no problem recommending American Express as a payment option.

Is AMEX better than other payment methods?

American Express is rated very highly when compared to online payment methods worldwide. However, other banking options like MasterCard and Visa are equally well-established and have security and safety high on their list of priorities. Speed when it comes to deposits is a big plus with AMEX, as online casino players enjoy having their funds available instantly. Although using PayPal, you will get funds into your account just as quickly. Much of the comparison with other payment providers depends on your particular requirements. But, overall, AMEX is one of the top payment options online globally, whether playing online casino or paying online elsewhere.

Isn't it easier to use an e-wallet like Neteller?

Established E-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, and other trusted payment options are fins. Still, the difference between these and using a company like American Express to deal with your online casino payments is that AMEX has the security and support often lacking with E-wallets.

How do I know an online casino accepts AMEX?

When signing up for an online casino account, it's essential to read over their banking pages first. A well-organized online casino should make its banking options and payment methods easy to find and completely transparent. The deposit limits, cashout limits, transaction speed, and fees associated with each payment method should also be very clearly visible on the gambling site, even before registering an account.

How can I tell if AMEX is accepted?

Most online casinos in the USA will proudly post the AMEX logo for all to see if it's accepted. Another way to tell if AMEX is accepted is to rely upon our specialists to help you choose only the best online casinos from our top list.

Can I get American Express casino bonuses?

In our research, we have not found any casinos offering exclusive AMEX casino bonuses to USA players, gambling sites will usually have the same welcome bonuses, whether you are using credit card, debit card, bitcoin, or alternative payment options. The offers on the gambling site will usually be for all players. Saying this, there are occasions when you might find enhanced offers for payment methods, although this is usually with bitcoin casinos.