Understanding No Deposit Casino Bonuses

The advantage of a No Deposit Bonus is pretty straightforward; you get to experience an online casino and have a crack at their slots and table games without having to risk a penny of your own real money. You also have the chance to win playable casino chips without making a deposit. But there are lots of different types of No Deposit Bonuses out there, so we're going to take a closer look at what a No Deposit offer means, what to look out for and how to get the most out of this freebie.

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Important: What You Need To Know

For any new player coming to an online casino, there is no better way to know if you're making the right choice than by taking advantage of a No Deposit Bonus offer. This Bonus is popular as players get a Try Before You Buy experience, allowing them to try out the casino games, navigate the website and enjoy the total casino experience without having to deposit any real money. The no deposit bonus is a great way to get started for new players. In most cases, you'll be asked to verify your information after signing up to get a casino account, after which the Bonus funds are added. You'll be all set to begin your new casino adventure online without making a transaction. The most significant benefit is that, while there are restrictions we will go into later, you can win real cash using free money or free bonus spins.

Key Points:

  • Great way to familiarize with a casino
  • Explore casino games on offer and play for free
  • Chance to win real cash without making a deposit

Different Types Of No Deposit Bonus

The principle of no deposit bonuses is always giving you free money or spins without risking any money. But there are still a variety of No Deposit Bonus offers, and it's good that you know what these are and how they work.

Bonus Money Or Casino Chips

When signing up for a casino with this type of offer, you will receive a certain amount of free bonus cash or free casino chips from playing post-registration. Depending on the casino, restrictions and strict wagering requirements will be put in place. Usually, the games that count towards earning real dollars are limited to slots, and there will also be a cap on how much you can win and convert into real money. For example, there will often be $50-$100 amounts capped on cashing out winnings – meaning that even if you meet the wagering requirements, the most you can withdraw or play with will be $100. Considering this is a free money offer, $100 is still a good win from a risk-free, $0 investment.


  • Risk-Free
  • No Deposit required
  • Can win real cash


  • Limited cash-out
  • Strict wagering requirements
  • Limited to selected games

Free Spin No Deposit Offer

Slots are the main focus for many casinos, and increasingly the slots on offer are the draw for many slot casino players. Having a Free Spin No Deposit offer in place gives an online casino the chance to showcase their latest and greatest games, plus it allows you to see what slot games the casino has to offer. Quite often, the Free Spin offer will have more value than a straight Bonus Money offer, and we recommend looking for some of the better No Deposit Free Spin offers out there, as these can be very rewarding for new players. Occasionally video poker is also included in these kinds of casino bonuses.


  • Get to play top slots
  • No Deposit required
  • More value than casino bonus
  • Chance to win real money


  • Limited to selected slots
  • Cap on winnings

Free Casino Chips

Designed to appeal to the Live Dealer game players, this reasonably recent no deposit offer gives players Free Chips on select Live Casino games – such as Live Roulette or Blackjack – and can be converted into real money after wagering requirements have been met.


  • Great for table game players
  • No risk
  • Experience Live Dealer games


  • Usually, low bonus amounts
  • Game restricted

Time Limited Free Bonus

It's not as widespread these days, but the time-sensitive free Bonus offers players the chance to play with a casino bonus for a limited time – such as 60 minutes – after which any winnings can be used as a Casino Bonus, or in some rare cases, converted into cash.


  • No transactions needed
  • Potential to win without risk


  • Time pressure
  • Little chance of converting into Real Money

Free Play Offer

Rarer to find these days and not as attractive to real casino players, this Free Play No Deposit offer is a pre-sign-up Bonus, allowing you to get the whole experience of the casino. But with this kind of Free Offer, you cannot convert any winnings into real money. It's okay if you want to get the gist of a casino, but no good if you're looking to grab some real dollars.


  • No risk of losing real cash


  • No chance to win real money

Poker Freerolls

While this might not count as a Casino No Deposit Bonus, it is worth mentioning that making gambling sites have regular poker freerolls for new players, giving poker players the chance to win real money that can then be used on casino games.


  • Fewer restrictions on winnings
  • Rarely wagering requirements on poker winnings


  • Only for poker players
  • Time-consuming

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Is A Free Bonus Really Free?

An online casino will never make it easy to win money off them. Many restrictions exist on how you can cash out or convert any Bonus Money into real cash. First, when you receive your No Deposit Bonus, it will come with strict wagering requirements. These will be stricter than the standard Welcome Bonus playthrough requirements. That means you will have to win big, then play through your winnings many times before turning that free money into cold hard cash.

Casino Caps On Winnings

The online casino will impose a cap on winnings to ensure that a player does not go on a crazy run, winning every game and hitting jackpots while using a free money bonus. While it will feel pretty disappointing if you manage to parlay your $10 into $10,000, only they realize there's a $100 winning cap on your bonus funds – this is the reality of No Deposit Bonus deals. So, before seeing big dollar signs and trying to withdraw your big bucks, manage your expectations and ensure you read the casino's Terms and Conditions.

Key Points:

  • Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions
  • Limits on winnings from No Deposit Bonus
  • High Wagering Requirements

U.S Casino Sites Top Tips

Just because a bonus is free, there are still ways to ensure you get the most out of a No Deposit offer.

Only use trusted casinos

We always strongly recommend never signing up at an online casino unless they are 100% accredited. If a casino does not hold a legitimate license, it's not even worth claiming their free money or any bonuses. Blacklisted casinos can not be trusted to keep your data safe, and if you were to win, there's no guarantee you could cash out your winnings. That's why you should stick to claiming bonuses at any of our listed, accredited casinos accepting U.S players.

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Take advantage of multiple offers!

Be greedy! One of the great things about a No Deposit Bonus is that you get to experience the online casino and play without feeling invested. That's why we think of free play bonuses like house hunting at casinos. You won't settle on the first house you view, so go wild, claim as many No Deposit Bonuses as possible and explore which casino is right for you to make your first deposit. There's no risk, so get your fill. There are probably casino bonus codes attached to each offer, so why not make a list to keep track of when you're signing up?

Have fun, don't get carried away

Of course, we all want to win big at our new online casino. But with free bonuses, you should manage your expectations. Don't expect to hit a Mega Moolah jackpot and walk away a millionaire at the end of a session. The most you can expect to win if you play through all the wagering requirements will be about $100. So think small, but have fun!

Look for the No Deposit Bonus Code

Many casinos use a No Deposit Bonus Code. Make sure you look out for these when signing up, as if you miss it, you might be disqualified from claiming the No Deposit Bonus.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Be sure to read the small print, and before spending time playing with the hope of winning, it's worth knowing that there is still a decent chance that you can cash out at the end of the day. Read those Terms and Conditions with a keen eye on the details. Withdrawal options should also be clearly stated as they pertain to your casino bonuses.

Avoid offers that confiscate casino winnings

The worst casino bonus offer – and they do exist – is when a casino confiscates any winnings from a No Deposit Casino Bonus. There will be restrictions, but any casino that does not allow a player to keep their winnings should not offer free bonuses in the first place.

Mobile Casino No Deposit Offers

As a reward for using a casino's Mobile APP, you will sometimes find they offer a bespoke No Deposit or Free Cash offer on their mobile casino. Keep an eye out for mobile-specific bonus codes and promotion codes. Online casinos are becoming increasingly mobile-focused and want to reward players for transitioning from desktop to mobile gaming.

Steps To Claiming A No Deposit Offer

To give you an idea of what to expect when signing up to a casino for a no-deposit offer, here are the most common steps you should expect to take when claiming your Bonus:

1. Use Bonus Code on Sign Up (If there is no Bonus Code, there may be an Opt-in or Claim Button on the site.)

2. Verify your identity.

3. Receive Bonus Funds in your Account

If getting your hands on the No Deposit Bonus funds is much more complicated, we'd suggest looking elsewhere to claim your Bonus.Discover the exclusive No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions for 2023's Best-Kept Secret - Claim Your Bonus Now!

No Deposit Bonus Offer Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the No Deposit Bonus free to play?

Every type of Casino Free Money offer will come with strict conditions. But, overall, the answer is: yes. If the No Deposit Bonus funds are not available to play with without making a deposit - then that casino cannot rightly call it a No Deposit Bonus.

Is there any difference between a Welcome Bonus and a No Deposit offer?

Yes, the significant difference between a No Deposit Bonus and the standard Welcome Bonus or Deposit Casino Bonuses is that you must deposit at the casino to receive your Deposit Bonus money. In contrast, a No Deposit Bonus allows you to play with a casino bonus or free chips or credits without making a financial transaction.

Do I need No Deposit Bonus Codes?

No Deposit Bonus Codes are often how a casino credits the Bonus into your account. So make sure you have read the casino bonus code correctly before claiming. Sometimes you don't need no deposit bonus codes; it can be as simple as signing up and clicking an Opt-in or Claim button to be created with your No Deposit Bonus funds. Online casinos should make the whole process as easy as possible.

Can I trust a No Deposit Bonus?

Firstly, you should verify that the bonus offer comes from a legitimate, certified casino. If it is, you can rest assured that a No Deposit Bonus offer for new players is a safe, secure, and trusted way to enjoy a new casino.

Can I cash out my free Bonus?

The free Bonus comes with the standard wagering requirements, which vary from casino to casino. However, in most cases, if you are lucky enough to win and meet all the wagering conditions set by the casino, you should be able to cash out some or all of your winnings.

Are No Deposit Bonuses available for U.S players?

Yes, many U.S Casinos now offer new players the chance to sign up and enjoy a Free Casino Bonus. As always, the Bonus will come with certain restrictions, so check the casino site's Terms and Conditions.

Can I use my NDB on any casino games?

More often than not, there are specific casino games you can and cannot play when using a No Deposit Bonus. Usually, casinos allow bonus play on slots but may block players from betting on table games such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. However, you might also find Free Chip promotions, which allow players to play Live Casino games for free with an allocation of Free Casino Chips.

What limits are there on withdrawing NDB winnings?

Usually, there is a cap on winnings from a New Deposit Bonus. On average, you will get a $5-$20 Bonus from these free offers, and there will be a cap of about $100 on any winnings after you've met the wagering requirements.

Do the wagering requirements make it impossible to cash out?

The wagering requirements on a no deposit bonus vary greatly, depending on the casino. Some casinos set low wagering requirements on the Free Bonus, such as 15X on selected games, while others might go up as high as 50X. It's better to opt for the lowest wagering requirements by claiming a No Deposit Bonus offer.

What's the difference between Free Spins and a Free Bonus?

Free Spins are spins allocated on a specific game. A casino usually offers No Deposit Free Spins on one of their best slots, allowing players to experience and bet on their best products to get familiar with the casino game they want to push.

Is the No Deposit Bonus available on mobile casinos?

Many casinos gear their new player offers specifically to attract mobile casino players. There are bespoke Mobile Casino offers, where the operator will allow players to earn more if they sign through the mobile casino APP. Look out for the no deposit bonus code.

Can I use a No Deposit Bonus and Deposit Match Bonus together at an online casino?

Most online casinos let new players use a No Deposit Player and then encourage players to claim a match deposit or Free Spin welcome package. So yes, these two New Player Welcome offers can be claimed. You cannot claim the Deposit offer and then claim the No Deposit offer. No deposit offers can only be claimed before making a deposit transaction.