Being Mindful Of Gambling

Once you have signed up at a casino and are ready to play, getting lost in virtual Vegas is easy. But to get the most out of your online gaming experience, it's vital that you are mindful of the reality of gambling and understand the nature of problem gambling. Talking about casino gambling, we can't ignore the negative side that the casino world is keen not to advertise. But anyone who has been in the iGaming world for a while can tell you the stories of losing players and gambling addiction are much more prominent than online gaming operators would like us to believe. So, to keep on top of your gambling and keep playing online slots and table games as a form of entertainment, keep in mind a few of these helpful mantras:

Am I playing within my budget?

To avoid the stress and anxieties of a negative gambling experience, one of the surest ways to ensure your peace of mind is to give yourself a predetermined budget before you even sign up for an online casino site. This lessens the risk of losing too much, and also reduces the chances of becoming a problem gambler. Make sure you have your bankroll set aside and set your limits. If you want to set a gambling limit of $100 per month, it might also be possible with the top online casinos to enable a Deposit Limit through their Gambling Tools. We strongly recommend this feature and celebrate casinos that make a point of highlighting these tools on their site.

Embracing Reality Checks for Safer Gambling in Online Casinos.Embracing Reality Checks for Safer Gambling in Online Casinos.

How many hours have I played?

Almost as important as keeping track of how much you spend is how many hours you play casino games. In the U.K., online casinos are now required to implement Session Reminders to ensure players know how long they have played online. U.S. Casinos online have yet to reach this stage, but as a conscientious player, you can set your session limits and stick to them. Of course, we know it's easier said than done. But to sit down at an online casino knowing how long you'll be playing, with a clear idea of how much you'll be spending, these factors will make a crucial difference between winning and losing long-term. Players who have the discipline to sit out of a gaming session, however much they are winning or losing, will be the players that come out on top in the end.

Embracing reality check measures to create safer gambling experiences in online casinos.Embracing reality check measures to create safer gambling experiences in online casinos.

Beware of Welcome Bonus Commitments

When joining a new casino, the Welcome First Deposit Bonus usually draws a player in to make a deposit. But before diving in head first and opting into a Welcome Bonus, you should think seriously about what's at stake. To accept the first deposit, you are essentially tying it to various limitations and restrictions, which will make it harder for you to cash out, even if you win. Can I afford to wager and lose my first deposit and the online gambling site? If the answer is no, don't commit to a first deposit bonus, as you'll make it less likely to see that real money back in your bank account. Of course, we have written reviews of some Welcome bonuses that offer genuine value to casino players. Still, there is always the caveat that once you have signed up to receive a Welcome Bonus, your initial deposit will not be free of the restrictions attached to a first deposit bonus. Always (ALWAYS) read the Terms and Conditions of a Welcome Bonus before depositing at an online casino. Suppose you rush in only to find that the casino games you want to play aren't eligible for the bonus or that the wagering requirements make it impossible for you to convert your bonus into real money. In that case, you'll have wasted your casino deposit.

The Nitty-Gritty Of Casinos Online

As a website that reviews online casinos, it's our job to sift the good from the bad and root out the rogue operators from the legitimate casinos. But we also want to emphasize that even the best online casinos are out to make money, and casinos make money from your losing gambling sessions. For the vast majority of online gaming sites players who enjoy making the occasional bet on roulette or blackjack, having a spin for a few dollars on a popular slot or a quick punt at live dealer games, the expectation is not to win, and the losses will be insignificant. But, in a $92,000,000,000 (yes, that's a billion) industry, those hobby casino players differ from what the casino makes its fortunes from. Casinos benefit from players chasing losses, going on long losing streaks, betting large amounts beyond their means, and gambling over long sessions. These are the bad habits that profit online casinos worldwide. So, to try and beat the casino at its own game, the key is to avoid trying and beating the casino games or house edge – which isn't possible – but to beat bad habits when it comes to casino gaming. Casinos want you to lose. While you should accept that you aren't going to beat the casino edge, you can reduce your chances of losing big by being aware.

Gambling Mythbusters

Casinos online and offline are full of legends and lore, and the stories circulating of the big winning and losing streaks, the biggest bets, and the worst practices spread like wildfire. But some online casino myths are worth taking a closer look at to put your mind at rest when gambling online.

Online casino games are rigged!

While we can't vouch for what went on in the bad old days of casino gambling, when the online Casino world was like the virtual wild west, and unregulated casino operators got away with anything, these days, the online casino world is much more civilized and regulated. More commonly now, when players talk about games being rigged, it is a case of them having lost more than usual or a game not meeting their expectations – which is to win more often than not, which is fantasy. House edges are documented at every licensed casino site. RTPs on games are published for all players to read, and fairness testing is carried out regularly. So, as long as you're playing online at a casino with a valid casino license, you can be sure that the casino games cannot be rigged.

Responsible gambling measures for safer online gambling.Responsible gambling measures for safer online gambling.

Winnings players have their accounts blocked

In the past, players were banned unfairly for playing roulette games or blackjack using a certain system that reduced the house edge. Buried in the Terms and Conditions, the online casino stated that the winning decision was subject to their control. But, thankfully, those kinds of practices with casino withholding funds and banning players from winning, no matter what “system” they use, is long gone. Again, we're only talking here about fully regulated casinos that have to abide by the laws and regulations of their jurisdiction. Unlicensed online casinos can, in theory, do what they want, as they are operating illegally.

Do people make a living playing online slots?

This might be one of those stories heard at the bar when a player has been winning for a few weeks and decides to “go pro.” We have yet to hear of any Online Slot Pros, as they don't exist. It is only possible to win long-term on slots when getting incredibly lucky. Players can learn how to play more sensibly and reduce their losses, but that's far from making a livelihood from playing online slots. So, the short answer is: no.

Gambling online is illegal in the U.S.

This may or may not be accurate, depending on where you are on the map. Since online gambling in the USA became illegal in the early 2000s, legislation has come in leaps and bounds, and there are now various legal jurisdictions where U.S. gamblers can bet and play online. When searching for online casinos to play, check out their jurisdictions. If you're based in Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia, there's a good chance you'll be able to gamble online without any hassle.

Gambling Responsibly

Having been around the casino block, we can safely say that to get the most out of your online casino experience. Gambling responsibly is the way to keep gaming on online slots and table games entertaining. As soon as you feel like you're playing at the casino to make money, you desperately need it, or that playing a casino game has become a chore. It's time to stop. While it's impossible to separate the fact that money and gambling are inseparable, you can enjoy gambling without facing the stress many gambling addicts have had in the past. Gaming should be fun! Simple. Here are a few tips to keep on the right track and maintain a healthy relationship with casino gaming.

Responsible Gambling Tools

We recommend the top casino online, not only because they have excellent casino games and bonuses but also because they have excellent tools for players to keep their gambling in check. Top casinos like Stars casino use reality checks and deposit limits to ensure players stay moderate when betting.

Carefully read the Terms and Conditions

If you've read a few of our articles, you'll have heard this a lot, but reading the terms and conditions on a gambling website is extremely important. Whether you sign up for a no deposit bonus or deposit bonus or just to read their General Terms online, you might come upon a term that makes all the difference to your gaming preferences. For example, if you love to play live dealer roulette and find that your favorite game is excluded from all online bonuses, you will think twice before depositing there. Also, it would be best to read them to ensure there are no terms that give the casino the power to ban you or withhold your winnings unreasonably.

Free Play Casino

Getting to know a casino and its games doesn't have to be costly, as most top online casino sites have plenty of free play options. You should browse and play free slot games or delve into the live casino site by playing for free before you make that first deposit. Try before you buy. It's a no-brainer.

Casino Reality Check Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep control of my gambling?

Reputable, regulated online casinos offer tools to help check how much you deposit within a specific time frame. At casino sites like Stars Casino or BetMGM, you can put deposit limits on your account or even take a cooling-off period. If those tools are not available, it's crucial for you to have discipline and keep to your gambling budgets and stick to pre-defined time limits when playing at online casinos. If you feel you do have a gambling problem, there are lots of avenues to go down to seek help.

Can online casinos rig casino games?

As long as you play at a fully licensed online casino, none of the casino games can be rigged to make you lose. Casino games are audited and, using RNG technology, are all controlled by the random number generator, ensuring the casino itself has no control over the outcome of your winnings or losses on any casino games.

Should I always accept a Welcome Bonus?

First deposit bonuses and other casino bonuses can be beneficial, but they can also tie up your bankroll and real money to lots of restrictions and wagering requirements. First, you should read the casino's terms and conditions to understand how much you would have to bet and wager at the gambling site and on which games to turn your casino bonus into real money.