High Roller Rewards

High Roller Casino Rewards and VIP Experiences

What does being a High Roller Casino player mean?

If you were to have said High Roller gambler back in the heyday of land-based casinos, or if you were to use the term at the MGM Grand or Bellagio Casinos in Vegas, it would likely mean something quite different from what it means to the online casino player today. In the old casino days, a High Roller was a player who would gamble millions, if not billions, of dollars on roulette, blackjack, baccarat, or craps. Often these high-roller VIPs would become Vegas Legend and the stuff of gambling lore. But nowadays, being a casino high roller doesn't mean you have to lose millions before getting VIP status at an online casino. And it also means you don't have to lose before getting casino rewards.

Searching for the best VIP High Roller Casinos

If you consider yourself a High Roller, you'll want to dig around for an online casino that will reward you with a good bonus and much more for your gameplay and recognize that you're not just any ordinary casino player. To hunt for the best VIP Casinos online and high roller bonus offers, you'll want to research what casinos offer to their high rollers, such as special VIP bonus packages and bespoke VIP deals.

Don't settle for standard casino offers

As a casino high roller, you should seek some serious VIP treatment. At any good online casino or gambling site, you should expect things like higher betting limits, high roller casino games, faster banking transactions, promotions, bonus offers designed specifically for you, and the perks of a dedicated account manager on call. Any High Roller casino player should expect these aspects of VIP gambling if they're given VIP status at an online casino. So, if you make the grade at a gaming site, always make the most of your rewards – milk your perks to the maximum, because essentially, that's what gambling boils down to maximizing your wins! Here is a short breakdown of must-have features a high roller should expect.

Secure high-stake gambling

High-tech, up-to-date data security features are essential to any high roller, as they will play for more than the average player. So, make sure you are depositing and playing with a fully licensed Casino with first-class security.

High Roller Game Variety

Every big gambler will usually have a signature game they prefer to play. Whether you're a high-stakes roulette player or bet big on blackjack, what you'll want to see at any casino accommodating high rollers is a vast selection of games that allow high maximum bets. One of the biggest draws for online high-stakes players is the Live Dealer games, which usually have great options regarding high-limit bets. A Casino that really rewards their VIPs might also offer a high roller bonus on your favorite games.

Quick Transactions

The least you should expect when making large deposits at a casino is that your transactions are dealt with personally and that the casino ensures a faster payment service. If this option isn't on the table, think twice before committing any funds to a VIP Casino.

Fast Winning Payouts

As well as dealing quickly with deposits, a VIP Casino should ensure your winnings are in front of the queue. However big, delays in paying out winnings should be treated with suspicion.

High Roller Account Manager

A common perk of being deemed a VIP or High Roller is that you'll be allocated your Customer Support number and speak to dedicated VIP Account Managers. These VIP Managers should always go the extra mile for their most significant players.

Explore the world of high roller bonuses and VIP experiences at top-rated online casinos.

High Roller Casino Games

When choosing an online casino as a high roller player, your first stop is to dive deep into their games to ensure an extensive selection of games that accommodate your VIP gambling tastes. VIP players aren't likely to settle for a standard slot menu and the odd RNG roulette and blackjack games. You'll want to see variations on roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and slots at a VIP casino that offer high betting limits. If you quickly search games to find that the average bet on most games is less than $500, the Casino probably isn't equipped with suitable games to attract or reward a high roller.

Look for solid game software suppliers

It will not always be the Casino itself that sets betting limits. The software provider can determine, much of the time, the bet limits available. If you can find a casino that has partnered with many reputable casino game developers, which also produces the sort of casino games with high limits you want to play, then that Casino might be a good choice. As an example, Evolution Live Casino Games have become extremely popular with High Roller table game players because they have a wide selection, from the traditional Live Casino Roulette and Blackjack to the more zany varieties like Lightning Roulette, that allow players to win even more than on the standard roulette formats – and, more importantly, Evolution Gaming usually has a very high bet limit on their games, ideal for a high-roller player who wants to deal themselves into a high stakes game of Blackjack, roulette or the Macau high-roller's choice: Squeeze Baccarat. Check out betting limits. It's an essential part of making the right VIP Casino choice.

Banking on VIP and High Rollers

Once a high roller has established that a casino has the ideal games to offer, their next port of call should be to check out the Casino's banking options. As a high roller, banking isn't as simple as it is for the regular casino player. First, the transaction limits imposed on specific payment methods should be scrutinized. If a casino allows very high deposit limits, or no limits at all, on Visa/MasterCard but then only allows a weekly withdrawal limit of $4,000 via Bank Transfer, well, that's not going to cut it for your high roller who wants to deposit and withdraw large sums of cash at any time. A suitable VIP Casino has to be capable of handling significant transactions. When a casino sets its deposit and withdrawal limits, specific requirements are usually in play. Read the Casino's policies carefully before attempting to make any large transaction at the site. Another factor to consider is the restrictions on first deposits when making that first big payment. Suppose a casino automatically puts a high wagering requirement on a first deposit after claiming a Welcome Bonus. In that case, you should speak to the Casino Management to ask for exceptions if you're a high roller. Wagering Requirements are part and parcel of any casino's bonus offers and rewards, but there should always be exceptions for a high roller or VIP. Withdrawal limits should not be too restrictive. If they are, then rethink before making a large deposit.

Withdrawal Limits

There should be no limits on withdrawing for the perfect high roller and VIP Casino match. You can benefit if you can find a casino that waives any withdrawal limits after you've established yourself as a VIP. Even as a VIP, you should expect to have to supply verification of your identity, though, as this is a standard regulation when making large real money transactions.

The best VIP payment solutions

Depending on how you prefer to deposit and withdraw casino funds, the options for high rollers aren't that simple. Some payment methods set their limits, so you might be inhibited from making significant transactions. The correct payment solutions for you will probably be credit or Visa cards or certain eWallets. These methods can transfer large sums within hours or even minutes.

VIP Cryptocurrency Casinos

It's still a relatively new addition, and very few reputable casinos are yet to offer Cryptocurrency payments as an option. Still, those give a new avenue to high roller players when making a deposit or withdrawal. In theory, the amount you can transact using Bitcoin and Ethereum is infinite. We can see that Cryptocurrency is fast becoming the payment method of choice for high-stakes, VIP casino players. In the future, the real high rollers who don't want to go through the usual banking red tape to add huge sums of casino chips into their account will probably opt for the Cryptocurrency Casino route. A Casino with Cryptocurrency on offer for a high roller is a big bonus.

Joining A Vip Loyalty Program

While many of the perks of being a high roller or VIP at an online casino aren't necessarily published on their site, usually, you'll find a VIP Loyalty Program advertised. These typically encourage players to seek rewards for their play, with the most prominent casino rewards, exclusive reload bonuses, and VIP services being available to players who bet and wager enough to reach the higher echelons of the VIP Program. When betting on games, if you're signed up to an excellent High Roller focussed Loyalty Program, every bet will count towards rewards that will help boost your bankroll. An online casino that lays out the value of every wager staked on various games makes it easy for a high roller to calculate their benefits.

Perks, casino bonuses and VIP promotions

Once you have moved up into the high VIP tiers on a good loyalty casino program, you should expect a lot of bespoke offers – such as ad hoc Reload Bonus offers, specialized cashback promotions, and Free Spin for the high roller slots player. As a loyal customer, you might even get the odd Cash Drop when cash is literally just added to your account as a random reward. One of the significant differences between a VIP Reward and the standard casino player bonus is that the high roller casino reward will be in cash. You will probably see Cash Bonus, or Cashback more commonly as part of the promotions and offers given to you as a high roller, which means your rewards and gifts won't come with annoying wagering restrictions imposed on the average casino bonus. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of any offer before you accept it, even if it does have the work Cash attached.

Don't settle for average as a High Roller

If you're a High Roller, you should never settle for average. Whether that's the bet limits on your favorite casino games, speed of transactions, customer support, or high roller bonus offers, always get the most out of the online casino. While an online casino can't show you the same personal touch as a land-based casino, they can still go out of their way to show you that you're a big deal by wining and dining you in a Five-star suite. That means personalized VIP treatment, top-notch rewards, and bespoke offers that will make the difference to your gaming experience – which should be anything but average. If you don't feel that you're getting any of the above, reconsider where you make your next big deposit. If you move casino, the old casino will start paying attention and offer you some great rewards to come back. It's up to you to decide if the casino's worth your mega bucks.

High Roller Vip Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a High Roller?

A high roller is a popular term to describe a casino player or gambler who wagers more and bets high amounts than the average player. Land-based casinos usually describe a high roller as someone who bets hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in a gambling session. For online casinos, the standard for a VIP or high roller gambler is usually lower, so a player who plays for thousands might be deemed a VIP or high roller.

What makes a suitable casino for high rollers?

For a high roller, there are specific requirements they will look for in an online casino. A VIP player will want to be able to make large bets, so the games they play will have a high bet limit. The VIP Casino should also have a lot of different high roller bonus offers on the table.

How do VIP Casinos reward high rollers?

Online casinos have various ways of benefiting high rollers and VIP players. Often, when a player is given the status of VIP, they will be offered personalized promotions, unique gifts, higher betting limits if requested, and faster transaction speeds. Some casinos also supply VIP players with dedicated Customer Support or VIP Manager to deal with their queries or issues.

What is a VIP Loyalty Program?

As part of most online casino player reward packages, they promote a Loyalty Scheme where players can move up a VIP ladder and earn extra rewards associated with their betting. You will get to move up a tier or level, in order to be eligible for a high roller bonus. The VIP will often be based on points that are accumulated when you bet. The prizes are usually things like a reload bonus and bespoke cashback offers.

Can anyone be a Casino VIP or high roller?

The threshold for an online casino deeming a player a VIP or High Roller varies. Some casinos will base their VIP status on how much and how often they wager at the casino. Other factors, like your bet size and how large your deposits and withdrawals are, can also come into their calculations.

Do I get more if I bet large amounts?

Of course, the aim of any online casino is to make money. However much they might like to be friendly, the casino wins when you lose, and the bigger you lose, the bigger they win. That's the player and casino relationship in a nutshell. But the larger bets you make, the bigger your chance of winning vast amounts of casino chips, more than the average gambler. That's why the casino will reward you for betting big, in the hope that in the long run, you don't win. You must decide how much you can afford to gamble while keeping within your means. We don't recommend betting big just because you want to be a Casino VIP. Bet what you can afford and get as much out of a casino's reward and loyalty programs as possible. What you should expect are better bonus amounts when betting big.