No Wagering Casino Bonuses

Discover the ultimate guide to no wagering online casinos and take advantage of exclusive bonus offers, keeping what you win in 2023.

Let's dive into one of the offers that are, firstly, the best value for players looking to get a quick and easy cashout on a bonus, and secondly, can do wonders for your casino bankroll if you win. We're talking about the No Wagering Casino Bonus. As we've covered in our previous casino reviews on No Deposit Bonuses, Free Spin Bonuses, and Deposit Bonuses, the catch – however big the bonus – is that you'll be required to complete wagering requirements before that bonus can be converted into real money. So often, the wagering requirements limit your ability to turn what appear to be lucrative casino bonuses into cash for your bankroll to withdraw to your bank. Always be aware of the wagering requirement attached to a bonus when you sign up at an online casino. If the wagering is any higher than 30-40% on slots, we advise you to be cautious, as it'll take many bets on casino games before you can see that real moolah. But there are such things as no wagering casino bonuses, which take out all the annoying parts of a casino bonus online. Suppose you're lucky enough to grab a no wagering bonus. In that case, you'll be able to enjoy the slot games and casino table games on offer without constantly checking on your wagering bonus balance.

So, What'S This Wagering Bonus All About?

By now, we all know that the casino deposit bonus is the most popular way for online casinos to entice new players to their gambling sites. Credit cash or bonus funds can be used at the online casino across various games. Usually, with wagering bonuses, the wagering requirements will favor slots players. As always, we strongly recommend checking the terms and conditions at a casino. Even for Free Money offers and no deposit bonuses, knowing what limits and restrictions are applied to your winnings before jumping in and playing the casino games is essential. With a casino bonus wagering requirement of 50X, for example, you'd have to bet over £5,000 on a £100 bonus before any bonus funds can be withdrawn or played with as part of your casino bankroll. As much as we like to believe players win, the chances of coming out on top when you're forced to stake £5,000 are in favor of the house edge overall (as casinos also tend to exclude even money games and those with a low house edge, like blackjack.)  

A little history on wagering bonuses

Once upon a time, in the early 2000s, when the concept of playing casino games and gambling on roulette, blackjack, and slots on a website still seemed pretty out there, and to attract players to this new-fangled idea, online casinos threw bonuses at players to get them through the door. Soon enough, savvy casino players realized they could cash in on the bonuses offered by playing safe and even-money casino games. In that little golden age for online casino players, the gambler profited from the casino. Soon enough, the best online casino sites got wind of this and worked out that to avoid going bust through their generous offers, they'd have to put limits and restrictions on their bonus offers. Thus was born the casino bonus wagering requirements.

Casino wagering requirements can be confusing

If you've ever had the pleasure of being inside a casino support call center (as I have), you'll know that most calls come through from players confused as to why they can't cash out their deposit bonus. With a bonus calculator that updates you on how much you need to play through and wager, it's easier for most players to track how much more they need to bet to win and cash out their bonus. I've heard many casino customer support agents have to patiently explain why certain games are restricted. Even though the player has wagered the right amount, it's been wagered on a restricted game. So, all-in-all, wagering requirements on casino bonuses are a drag. But we can also see why casinos apply these restrictions.

The No Wagering Bonus

After hearing all this, it seems unlikely that a thing like the no wagering casino could even exist. But we're happy to say there are such things as no wagering bonuses in the casino world. And they're not always too good to be true. A no wagering bonus is an offer that has no wagering requirements attached to it. There won't be any restrictions on withdrawing the funds, confiscating winnings, or off-limits games. The no wagering casino bonus is easy, straightforward cash, meaning that any winnings from the bonus can be used however you wish. So, now to go in a little deeper to find the catch, it's important to state here that no wagering bonuses are not totally free, as online casinos are obliged to defend themselves against fraud and bonus abuse, so there are terms and conditions that still apply, which all depend on the casino itself. So, as we always stress, check the casino terms and conditions before signing up or opting into any casino bonuses online.

Casino Bonus Varieties

There are so many types of casino bonuses online that a player must understand which bonuses benefit them the most. The standard deposit bonus, free spins bonus, and cash bonuses the majority of online players are clued up on, but let's take a little look and compare and contrast some of the most popular casinos offers online.

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Casino Deposit Bonus

The most common of all casino bonuses, the deposit bonus “gifts” players a certain % on top of their deposit, allowing players to play casino games with an increased bankroll before they've even won any money. Usually, casinos offer this as a First Deposit bonus, but it's also quite often offered on multiple deposits. So, for example, if a U.S. Casino offers a 100% First Deposit Bonus of up to $500, you will get an additional $500 when you make an initial deposit of $500. But, of course, the amount and percentage are less critical than the wagering requirement attached to the bonus. We advise only claiming deposit bonuses with wagering requirements less than 20X if you're interested in turning your casino bonus money into real cash. There are casinos out there, like Sugarhouse Casino, that have as little as 1X wagering requirements on their welcome bonus offers.

Slots Free Spins Bonus

Increasingly popular with both online casinos and casino players, the Free spins bonus offer gives players a particular allocation of Free Spins on selected slots when they deposit. It's common to see a welcome package with a deposit bonus offer and Free Spins on top, such as a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to $200 Plus 50 Free Spins on Starburst. The Free Spins bonus is still a deposit bonus, as the Free Spins can only be acquired through depositing. As well as the wagering requirements, it's also essential to look out for the Free Spin value within the Terms and Conditions, as sometimes casinos give very low free spin values – like 1c, while others are more generous and a Free Spin might be worth as much as $1.

No Deposit Bonus

The coveted No Deposit Bonus is where many players start when looking for a new online casino but need to know where to begin. Claiming a no deposit bonus allows you to play at a casino and sample their casino games, see that they've got a good selection of slots, blackjack, roulette, and Live Casino games, before putting a cent of your own money on the line. No Deposit Bonuses will nearly always have both a limit on winnings and wagering requirements attached because a casino doesn't want you to win a massive jackpot without having wagered any real money.

Online Casino Cashback Offers

Online casinos regularly offer their loyal players cashback offers to keep existing players sweet. Players get an amount of their net losses at the casino refunded as a bonus that has to be played through as with any other bonus. As an example, with a 10% cashback offer, if you lose $1,000 you can get back $100 in casino bonus money, which will have wagering requirements attached before it can be turned back into cash.

No Wagering Bonus

Rarer than all of the above, the no wagering casino bonus is a bonus awarded to players – usually, on signing up – that can be played immediately as cash. Of course, some restrictions will likely be put on the bonus so that players don't simply sign up, cash in, and cash out – because the casino would only be in business for a little while. But the best no wagering bonuses out there are excellent value, as they allow players to play a variety of slots and casino games with a bigger bankroll and to have the peace of mind that their winnings are real winnings, with no annoying strings attached.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A No Wagering Bonus


The biggest pro of a no wagering bonus is obvious – there's no wagering restriction attached to the bonus. It's nice to play with real money that you know has no pesky limits, so you won't get a nasty surprise after winning big and wanting to cash out.


The only downside of a no wagering bonus is that they are few and far between. Searching them out and ensuring they are legitimate can be time-consuming, as there aren't many no wagering bonus offers out there. Check out the no wagering free spins offers on the casino market, as they tend to be the most common form of no wagering bonus.

Top Tips:

  • Always check the No wagering casino bonus Terms to see what restrictions and limits apply to the bonus, even if it doesn't have wagering requirement restrictions.
  • Review the minimum deposit on a no wagering bonus. Often there will be a minimum deposit amount, the smallest amount you can deposit to be eligible for a no wagering bonus.
  • Look out for bonus codes and promo codes. Sometimes it needs to be more apparent, and players have missed out in the past because they need to enter the bonus code within the cashier or promo page when depositing. Applying the code and claiming the no wagering bonus should be simple if you're playing at a reputable casino online.
  • A good indication of whether a casino is serious about paying out your winnings without adding any red tape is to ensure they have a wide range of banking methods available for making a deposit, but more importantly, for withdrawing. Cashout your winnings will be critical to making a casino deposit and playing in the first place.
  • Bonus expiry dates should be clearly stated in the terms and conditions on a casino website. If you're signing up to play with a casino bonus, make sure it doesn't expire within a few hours. There are casino bonuses that can end within 24 hours of signing up, though many last for as long as 30 days before leaving your account if you still need to meet specific requirements.

So, Why Is A No Wagering Bonus Best?

Not worrying about whether or not you will be able to withdraw your winnings is a great peace of mind for any casino player. There are so many sob stories from casino players who have won big on a slot game, only to find out their winnings are void because of restrictions on their bonus. Or, to learn, you'll have to play through another $10,000 before your casino bankroll even becomes yours – all of these little things leave a sour taste in a casino player's mouth. Most players want to have fun playing slot games and enjoy new table games like Lightning Roulette without worrying about game contributions and wagering requirements. If you're lucky enough to find a good no wagering casino bonus, we suggest you make the most of it.

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No Wagering Bonus Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do No Wagering Bonuses work?

By claiming a no wagering bonus, you eliminate the restriction of having to play through your casino bonus a certain amount of times before it becomes real money in your account. If you win from the free spins added from a no wagering bonus, you're allowed to keep all the winnings, and withdraw them or play any other games at the casino with cash.

Do lots of casinos offer no wagering bonuses?

Sadly, because a no wagering bonus gives such great value to the player, they are hard to find. However, they are out there. You have to look and do your research. Casinos like to cover their backs, and wagering requirements are their way of making sure a player doesn't take them to the cleaners on a bonus. But a generous no wagering bonus allows a player to win and take the winnings without risking much real money.

How many free spins do I get with a no wagering casino bonus?

We have found that free spins vary from around 50 Free Spins to 200 Free Spins, although you're likely to see less and more at different casinos. It's essential to check the value of the free spins, though, not just the amount offered - as some casinos offering 50 Free Spins with a value of 10c are more valuable than 100 Free Spins with a value of 1c.

Are there wager-free spins also?

Yes, most Free Spins deposit offers come with wagering requirements, as with any deposit bonus. Winnings will be restricted with a wagering requirement before they can be converted into cash and withdrawn or played with as cash.