Roulette'S Online Evolution In The U.S. Casinos

It's hard to imagine a casino anywhere that doesn't have a roulette table on the casino floor. Classic European and American Roulette has been the most recognizable casino game since it revolutionized the casino world in the 18th Century. From the heady days of French aristocrats to the dingy Russian gaming parlors frequented by Dostoyevsky, where he lost all his cash on roulette (his strategy was to keep betting more money, go figure!), now the traditional roulette game has been ushered into the 21st Century thanks to online casino innovations.

Explore the Best Online Roulette Sites for Real Money Wagers

Real Money Roulette Today

Today roulette players are just as, if not more, likely to be found playing this all-time favorite casino game online. While casinos from Vegas, Macau, and Atlantic City to London offer a wide range of land-based casino roulette formats, they can't compete with the sheer amount of varieties and interesting twists online casinos provide to innovate real money Roulette online. From the classy, slick RPG virtual roulette games like Switch Roulette from Microgaming to the ultra cutting-edge, winning-boosting, blockbuster Live Casino roulette game Lightning Roulette – it's safe to say real money Roulette has found a place online. Winning cash on roulette has never been more enticing. Gone are the days when real money roulette offered straight 36-1 odds; now, you can win substantial payout prizes with added multipliers, multi-tables, and more!

Winning Online Roulette Strategies

As poor old Dostoyevsky found out the hard way, having a “system” when playing roulette doesn't mean you do not depend on luck. However strategically you bet on roulette, there will always be an element of chance which means you can lose. Of course, there are ways to limit your chances of losing, but these will also limit your chances of winning big. In a nutshell, that's both the appeal of playing roulette and why it can quickly destroy a casino bankroll if you go on a losing streak. Please have a read of our How To Play Roulette guide and get the gist before you think of making a real money deposit and playing for real. But if you are already a dab hand and know the basics, let's dive into some other areas of playing real money roulette online.

Online Casinos U.S. Offering Real Money Roulette

Since roulette is such a premium online gambling game, casinos online are constantly vying to offer the best gaming experience by having as large and varied a selection of real money roulette games as possible. Before we get into some nitty gritty, though, let's look at some of the basics you should expect from a reputable online casino.

Safety And Security Are Key

You should always feel 100% confident that your data and funds are safe when you put money online. When looking to play real money roulette at a new casino, check our ratings and be sure that the online casino is a fully licensed and regulated operator using modern encryption.

Roulette Payout Percentages

Make sure you find the online Roulette RTP published on the casino's website. Online Casinos should make their game's RTP visible, which stands for Percentage Return to the Player. Essentially, a roulette game should be in 94%-97% RTP. If you see a casino with real money roulette listed at less than 94%, we suggest steering clear of that casino's online roulette games.

Casino Mobile Roulette Games

Any modern gambler wants to be able to play real money roulette on the go. All the online casinos with top listings on our site will have a top-class mobile casino and usually have a downloadable Casino APP. Check that the mobile casino version has roulette available to play on whichever iOS or Android device you'll be using to play. A casino roulette site should have plenty of mobile options.

Lots Of Roulette Choices

One of the great perks of playing real money roulette online is switching between tables and trying out various online roulette formats. You should expect any decent online casino to have at least half a dozen virtual roulette tables, including European and American roulette games as an essential requirement. We would also suggest getting the whole online roulette gaming experience today. There should be a wide choice of Live Dealer Roulette games, which are the hottest online roulette product in iGaming right now, with excellent new roulette formats and lushly designed studios coming out from Evolution Gaming all the time.

Online Roulette House Edges

While the rules will stay the same – unless you have an enhanced bonus roulette game – the house edge of various casino games does vary. A roulette site will usually have an edge of about 2.7%. If you're a studious online roulette player, ensure you know your winning percentage versus the Casino's house edge before choosing which real money roulette game to play. Here are a few variations to give you an idea of the house edge and how it fluctuates.

Key Points:

  • Read our How to play Roulette Guide before playing for real money.
  • Online Roulette offers a huge variety
  • Check an Online Casinos Real Money Roulette Payout and House Edge
  • Live Dealer Roulette games are big right now

Experience Lightning Roulette online and empower your game with the best online roulette sites for real money wagers.

Getting Started Playing Real Money Roulette Online

First, let's get into the basics of how to get started with a Real Money Casino account because then, as long as you have chosen an online casino with good roulette options, you should be playing real money roulette games in no time.

Register a New Player Account

After choosing an online casino to play roulette, you'll need to click on sign up or register and enter your details. Usually, you can verify easily by email or phone SMS.

Deposit into your new Casino Account

Once you have entered your details and been verified, you can make a real money deposit. Most online gambling sites have different payment methods, so you shouldn't have trouble adding funds to your account.

Choose your Real Money Roulette

Now you have casino chips in your shiny new Casino Account. It's time to choose your online roulette game! We'd suggest before jumping into online roulette games, first open a few games to get a feel for the roulette format, see what the betting limits are and if it has good graphics and gameplay, then when you're happy that it is a quality real money roulette game – let the playing commence!

Free Play Roulette gives you a taste

If you'd prefer to play for Free first, most casinos have a selection of their online roulette games open for Free Play, so you don't need to spend any real money before laying down your cash!

Roulette Tournament Gaming

Another great addition to online roulette gaming is that many casinos offer players the chance to compete in Roulette Tournaments. Enjoy Real Money Roulette Tournaments, pitting yourself against other players to see who can win the most within a specific timeframe. Usually, the top few players will share a prize pool – some with massive prize pools of around $1million – such as at Wild Casino.

Key Points:

  • Explore the real money roulette game options before playing for cash.
  • Play Free Roulette to get a feel for the casino game
  • Make sure the Casino has a lot of Real Money Roulette options before registering

Experience the Live Roulette lobby from Evolution Gaming, the best online roulette sites for real money wagers. Empower your game with thrilling gameplay and a chance to win big.

Online Roulette Betting Limits

While as a casino game, roulette tends to have a reputation for being high-stakes, in comparison to slots and blackjack, the truth is that at many casinos online, you can play for low limits – with many casinos offering as low as 20c bets. 20c is on the lowest end, but even with a bankroll of $20 or $50, you will most often be able to bet on Real Money Roulette tables with 50c or $1 casino chips, meaning if you bet wisely, you can have a long roulette session for relatively small stakes.

Online Roulette Variations

It's difficult to know where to begin with the new options available for online roulette. From the traditional American Roulette and European Roulette formats that have always been prominent, there has been an explosion in the last few years of different twists, new bonus round features, faster roulette, more balls, more tables, and the list goes on. In this roundup, we're just giving you a few of the new, innovative Real Money Roulette games available. We'd suggest looking at the online casinos and seeing what they offer. Some casinos, like BetMGM, even have their own bespoke Roulette games, which are well worth taking a look at.

Lightning Roulette

We're going straight in with the biggest roulette release in years. This live dealer roulette game gives players a chance to win much more than the usual odds – with Multipliers added to numbers every betting round. With multipliers of 100X frequently added, it's easy to understand why this has been such a huge hit. Coming from Evolution Gaming, it's not only the features but the fantastic quality and game-show style presentation that makes it great too.

Speed Roulette

There are a few versions of Speed Roulette online, most of which are good quality. Still, we'd recommend trying out the Evolution Live Casino Speed Roulette, as it has quickly become the standard.

Triple Wheel Roulette

Not happy with one roulette wheel? Well, why not have three? This real money roulette release from Microgaming gives players a chance to bet the same numbers on three different wheels – tripling your chance of getting a winning bet.

Switch European Roulette

Another Microgaming Real Money Roulette offering via Switch Studios has become the standard for RNG Virtual Roulette games. It follows the standard European roulette format but has amazing gameplay, top-notch graphics, and seamless betting functions.

Auto Roulette

This Live Casino game was a surprise hit. A Live Dealer Casino Roulette Game – with no dealer! The speed and precision with which the automated betting proceeds make this game a favorite for players less interested in the glitz and social side of Live Casino Games.

New York Jets Roulette

Exclusive to BetMGM Casino, we love this fan-based online, real-money roulette game. Even if you're not a Jets fan, it's well worth having a spin. BetMGM Casino also has another Exclusive RNG roulette game called BetMGM Pro Roulette, which gives Switch Roulette a run for its money.

VIP Roulette

Most casinos have a selection of RNG and Live Casino roulette games that allow high rollers and VIP Casino players to play with high betting limits. If you want to play with High Stakes, there are plenty of Real Money Roulette options at the top-ranked online casinos.

Roulette of Mobile Casino APPs

Not all online casinos have dedicated APPS, but nearly all have a mobile casino option. With a host of real money roulette games now optimized to play on iOS and Android devices, you shouldn't have to look far for a top online casino with good mobile online roulette games.

Real Money Roulette Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play Real Money Live Roulette online?

To enjoy playing online Roulette with real money, you must have a verified real money casino account, ensure you can use your chosen payment method or banking method, and launch one of the Roulette games on offer online casino.

Can I win Real Money Roulette?

Online Roulette is a very popular casino game because players can win a large amount and get big payouts. Especially with new variations like Lightning Roulette online, the possibility of winning a big payout has increased with Real Money Roulette at the best online casinos.

Is Real Dealer Live Roulette played in real-time?

The Live Roulette Casino games on Online Casinos are live roulette streams to Live Dealer studios, so all betting rounds happen in real-time.

Can I win a progressive jackpot on Real Money Roulette?

Traditionally, the roulette casino game does not offer the option to win a progressive jackpot. Still, there are new Slot Roulette Hybrid games that give players a chance to play the roulette game and have the opportunity to win big jackpots also.

Are there Free Play Roulette games online?

Many online casinos have Free Play options for their roulette games, which can then be played as Real Money Roulette versions.

How do I know Online Roulette is not rigged?

For an online Casino to get a license, they have to be regulated by an authoritative body that prevents cheating and oversees things like RNG and RTP requirements. If a casino does not have a license, we strongly recommend not playing at that casino or depositing any money there.

Can I play low-stakes online when playing Roulette?

Online Roulette often has a low betting limit, meaning you can play with chips for as little as 20c or 50c per bet. Or course, it depends on how many numbers you bet on, and the side bets like Black or Red will have a higher minimum chance than the straight numbers.

What's the difference between American Roulette and European Roulette?

The American Roulette version has an extra 00, meaning your casino house has a slight edge more significant than the single 0 European Roulette game.

What are the best online real money roulette games?

Depending on what you're looking for in an online roulette game, there are many variations and formats for online Roulette. The most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art roulette games online these days are Live Casino Roulette games. The Lightning Roulette Live Dealer game has been a big hit recently because it offers players an increased Multiplier so that players can win much more than on the standard roulette table.

Are the rules of online Roulette the same as offline?

Yes, the rules of Roulette will be the same for online and offline roulette games. You are betting on which number the roulette wheel will land on, and the odds are determined by whether it's an American or European Roulette version. Other factors like bonus rounds and other features may come into play, so check the rules for each roulette game if you're unsure.

What online casino has the best real money roulette games?

Many online casinos have the Evolution Gaming Live Casino Roulette games on their sites, and there are many excellent RNG roulette games to choose from. But, for us, the Exclusive Roulette games at BetMGM are great additions to their roulette suite, on top of many popular roulette games.