Playing Real Money Video Poker Online

Video poker has been one of the online casino games that have remained almost stubbornly the same throughout the years, and whereas this would be a negative were we talking about a lot of other casino games, when it comes to video poker casino games, players tend to prefer the traditional over the newfangled, so with video poker games likes Jacks or Better and Aces and Eights still on top in the video poker world, it's good to see that at the majority of online casino sites offering video poker, you will still find these classic Las Vegas video poker games. Of course, new variations of real money video poker games are being released regularly. However, for the most part, the oldies are still the most popular video poker games online.Enhance your gameplay with online video poker games and increase your chances of winning real money.

Getting Started With Real Money Video Poker

Suppose you are signing up for a new online gambling site to start your video poker casino bankroll. In that case, it's well worth scoping out the best welcome bonuses and paying attention to deposit bonus offers that include Video Poker within their Wagering and Game Contributions. For instance, some casinos offer match deposit bonuses that only allow wagering (the method by which you can convert your bonus into cash) on slot games. So, first, find a US online casino that offers an attractive welcome deposit bonus that includes Video Poker. Suppose you're signing up for a Match Bonus. In that case, you could be playing with double the casino chips of your deposit, which can be a great way to get started on video poker, as they tend to have higher payout rates than Slots, and usually have a low minimum bet, meaning you can play for longer and get more bang for your buck on your first casino deposit.

We would probably describe video poker as a “retro” game nowadays, as the look and feel are generally quite dated. Still, for many video poker players, the vintage nature of video poker is part of its appeal. Much like many gamers are turning back to the original Nintendo consoles and Mario Bros games instead of playing Fortnight and COD, the typical video poker player enjoys the older, traditional video poker variants as they take them back to their land-based casino days when Video Poker was the latest big thing. Here are some of the most popular Video Poker variants to look out for online.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the video poker game you will find at most online US casinos. As one of the first to make it big in land-based casinos, this variation has been a consistent favorite with video poker fans ever since. The game is simple, as you play each betting round to try and get a pair of Jacks or better, with payouts varying depending on the strength of your hand, the best payout being on a Royal Flush.

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Aces and Faces

Another classic Video Poker variation, Aces and Faces, gives players additional chances of winning bonuses with Aces and Face card combos.

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Deuces Wild

Using Wild 2's, meaning 2's can stand in for any card in a hand, gives an extra edge to players. Deuces Wild has also been a long time casino game favorite since it hit brick-and-mortar casinos in the 90s.

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Joker Poker

Joker Poker is similar to Deuces Wild, but this Video Poker variation also gives players the chance of winning when a wild Joker card is dealt.

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Double Bonus

An extremely popular online casino video poker game, the Double Bonus game has Bonus Payout options for selected hands, like 4 Aces with 2-4 as a kicker.

Double Double Bonus

Double Double Bonus Poker is much like the previous video poker game, except you can achieve even bigger bonus payouts on select poker hands.

Online Video Poker Tips And Strategies

The first thing to say is that video poker games are a game of chance, and even if you play a perfect strategy, there is still no guarantee that you will win. But, using optimal strategy, you can minimize your losses and maximize your profits. With Video poker, unlike real money slots online, the game is not reliant on luck. Some tips can help you have a better gambling session than if you were to play without knowing these essentials – so pay attention.

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Variant Knowledge

Video poker has a wide variety of variants, each version with different rules and payouts. The more versed you are in the odds, game mechanics, bonuses, and hand rankings, the more likely you will make the right decisions when laying your bets.

Max your Coin Bets

Initially, this may sound controversial, but max coin bets on video poker are not the same as playing max bets of slots. In video poker, you will be getting the most value out of your chances by playing the maximum coin bet option. Video poker high-limit games are also more likely to payout than regular video poker games. So, while we would usually say to start a game playing minimum stakes with video poker if you have the bankroll and are within your means, we advise you to get the most out of your bets to play maximum coin value.

Know your Pay Structures

Getting to grips with how a video poker game pays out, the odds of hitting the highest payout hands, and which hands will bring you that big payday are vital if you start playing video poker over an extended session. Take time to read the pay table, which should be located in-game, and understand the Pay Structure and hand ranking payouts fully before you begin betting for real money on video poker games online.

Bankroll Management is Key

This advice bears out across all gambling games but is no less accurate with Video Poker. Keeping to your limits, stopping a session when you have lost your pre-defined limit or loss percentage, is vital to maintaining a healthy casino bankroll. With Video Poker online casinos, because the betting rounds are generally slower than with slot machines or some table games, it should be easy to keep track of your winnings and losses. So, keep your bet size the same; ensure you clearly know how much you are willing to lose before playing Video Poker games.

Real Money Video Poker Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best video poker machine games online?

Most of the best live online casinos for real money will have a section for video poker machine games. Sometimes video poker will be listed in an online casino's Specialty or Other Games category. The card games might also all be bunched together. But, when it comes to video poker online, the vast majority of licensed, reputable casino sites will have the most popular variants of the game available, such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild for Real Money.

Are online video poker games the same as one found in bars?

The principle of video poker games, whether you are playing them in land-based casinos, at a bar, or at an online casino in Las Vegas, are the same. Players bet on a hand of poker, hold which cards they think are beneficial, then wager on the next draw of cards. The payout on certain hands is different depending on which video poker variant you play. So, if you are in Las Vegas or playing online as BetMGM Casino, your betting strategy should be the same.

Do I need to download an App to play Video Poker?

No, most US online casino sites are available to play through the browser and will have their video poker games available to play for real money. However, you can discover the best US real money casino apps and download a free casino App on iOS or Android, which often makes playing casino games like Video Poker on your mobile more enjoyable.

How do I play Video Poker for Real Money online?

When you register at an online casino, you can deposit using various banking methods, the most common being Visa or Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or Instant Bank Transfer. More and more online casino sites also offer players the chance to deposit real money with BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Do all casinos have every Video Poker version?

The top Video poker games online can usually be found at most casinos, such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. There are rarer video poker games, like Four Queens and Kings or Better, that are more challenging to find.

Are Quads common to get playing Video Poker online?

Quads are poker terminology for four-of-a-kind, one of the best poker hands you can get, and will pay out big on online video games.

What does Pat Hand mean?

In video poker, as with traditional draw poker games, a Pat Hand is when you do not need any more cards to be drawn, as you have already made a hand that will payout.

Can I bluff in video poker?

No, in video poker games there are no human opponents, so you can only ever win real money based on the strength of your poker cards.

Does poker strategy work with video poker online?

Employing optimal betting strategies, such as holding the correct cards and playing the best odds when drawing cards, will minimize your losses and maximize your winnings in the long term.

Can I play Video Poker Games for free?

Video poker is a prevalent form of entertainment, and thanks to the boom of Social Casino sites and sweepstake casinos, there are plenty of ways to play video poker for free and not risk any real money online. Playing free Video Poker games is also a great way to practice poker strategy and learn the ins and outs of video poker gaming.