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Editorial Note: We may receive commission from partner links reviewed by Play Casino Advisior. Our editors’ opinions and findings remain impartial, as they individually are not compensated by our partners.

How We Rate

At Play Casino Advisor, we are committed to offering our readers comprehensive and trustworthy information about casinos.

We understand our reviews’ importance and have put strict guidelines to evaluate casinos.

Our goal is to be the internet’s most transparent and player-focused casino review site.

Our central system evaluates casinos based on over 250 features, including bonuses, games, and safety.

Gambling Reviews

Online Casinos

Online casinos have increased in popularity over the past years. Players can gamble to their heart’s content from the comfort of their own homes. Nevertheless, the growth of the online gambling industry has given opportunity to bad actors to compete for players’ attention. Loads of unregulated websites claim to provide fair and transparent gameplay, which can’t be further from the truth. Several will happily accept your hard-earned money, but good luck withdrawing your winnings! For that reason, we have compiled what we have deemed as the most transparent places to gamble in a safe and regulated online environment.

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Casinos to Avoid

Don’t forget to check our online casino exclusion list periodically. We take user comments seriously and don’t hesitate to flag sites that start operating unprofessionally.

Land-Based Casinos

If you are interested in the change of scenery and want to challenge lady luck while enjoying a night out, we’ve got you covered! We uncover hidden physical casino in the United States you can visit and have a fantastic time. We focus a lot on surrounding activities other than gambling, such as dining, entertainment attractions, and overall location safety. We want to ensure that you have an unforgettable time that doesn’t just revolve around gambling. Read our guides on the best US land-based casinos and paint the night red!

Social Casinos

Sometimes, you want to test your luck but are not interested in losing money. You may be tight on a budget, but simultaneously, you enjoy the tantalizing spin of slot wheels or are intrigued by brushing up on your poker bluffs. Fear not; you don’t have to spend a dime with the social casinos we recommend. Just pick your favorite and enjoy a guilt-free gambling experience.

Latest Online Casino Bonus Archive

We scour the internet and sometimes visit the casino sites multiple times a day! We aim to compile the most up-to-date bonus list from all your favorite online casinos. We clean the data and present it in a tabular format so you can easily compare and make an informed decision. For example, a bonus might have a high deposit match percentage, but the initial amount you need to deposit is also very high; no good! Or, maybe the bonus valuation is high, but the wagering requirement for your favorite games is really high, meaning you will need to play many times until you can withdraw your winnings. By comparing all the choices we give you, you can finally have an competitive edge over the casino house!

Casino Games

From blackjack to roulette, baccarat to slots, poker to keno, whatever your heart desires, we have reviewed it. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, we provide starter guides and advanced tutorials written by veteran and world-renowned players. Send us an email and tell us your favorite game and strategy and/or what else you want us to write about. We are here for you!

Software Providers

Understanding the quality of gaming studios and gaming software providers is a quick way to assess if an online casino will be right for you. Several of our readers have a particular allegiance to specific studios and often only play at casinos that work with the software of their choice. If you like a particular variation of slot, chances are that the respective software provider might have other hidden gems you will enjoy. Read our in-depth software provider reviews and pick your favorite studio.

Our Review Methodology

We have created an ensemble of machine-learning models that analyze all the data we programmatically collect for each online casino and game.

Our crawlers scrape the internet daily to find information about jurisdiction changes, customer complaints, and casino updates in bonuses and RTPs. Then, we train our models to determine the feature’s importance and flag bad actors we should pay attention to.

Our dedicated team manually contacts each casino’s support and checks the forums to validate the findings. This approach sets us apart from other reviewers who may rely solely on personal opinions rather than data-driven techniques.

We aim to transform the affiliate industry into an honest and transparent space that guides players toward the best deals at the best casinos. This benefits players and puts pressure on subpar casinos to improve their offerings to be chosen, ultimately resulting in more wins for players.

Below, we expand on the general categories of the review process and the data we collect.

Trust (5)

One of the most crucial features of our ranking model is that the respective online casino under review has an active license from a well-known and trusted licensing body. We ensure that the gambling sites we recommend have an active permit appearing on their website. Regardless of the jurisdiction where it obtained its license, if we notice that an online casino lets its gaming license expire, we do our best to report it and place it on our exclusion list.

Our models favor online casinos that disclose the ownership of their operations. Online companies are often privately owned and the leadership team maintains anonymity. Nevertheless, an active physical location, corporate information such as a VAT number, and public ICANN records that can be verified and traced provide extra credibility and transparency. We use this information to perform exhaustive background checks and verify that the owners are not associated with any lawsuits or business malfeasance.

Security (4)

One of the most crucial and overlooked parameters is the security of the deposited funds. Over the years, we have heard many cases where illegitimate casinos offered high rewards and bonuses to their users to lure them in to claim later a data breach that drained all their funds from the main account. We request that the casino use a state-of-the-art encryption mechanism for personal data and financial information. When we call their customer support, we ask them if they separate their withholdings to multiple bank accounts and segregate user funds from their profits.

Forecasting algorithms and machine learning models can help us make an informed decision, but the actual playing experience cannot and should not be included. To validate our findings, we periodically check the casinos manually. We sign up with multiple accounts to test desktop and mobile devices. Our diverse team has an extensive experience with gambling strategies and tactics. We always play for real money (and are often on the winning side). We split our tests into online slots, blackjack, roulette, live dealer games, and online poker. One of our most important criteria is the timeframe when we will access our winnings. Our test completes when the funds are available in our bank account, not when the transaction is issued from the casino’s end. We test all payout methods and speeds to advise you accurately on the best option. Speed is paramount; if we receive our funds within the expected timeframe, our model will penalize the casino, and we open a dispute with their customer support. We often contact the casino’s customer support team to verify that the waiting times are short and their answers are correct.

Promotions (3)

All the casinos we recommend offer one or more types of welcome bonuses. It is our responsibility to recommend the most generous casinos that let you experiment and get acquainted with their platform without any monetary risk from your side. The casinos that score the most points in our model provide free spins, affiliate referral promotions, reload bonuses, cashback deals, or a first-time deposit match. In some cases, we also get no-deposit bonuses that are even higher.

Banking (4)

It is paramount that the casinos we recommend offer various payment methods. These methods should be well-known and available in all the countries in which the casino operates. The most critical element of an online casino is its ability to handle payment transactions quickly and accurately. The payouts should be available as soon as possible, irrespective of the lump sum. We aim to find the casinos that accept the most popular payment methods, such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe issue credit cards, bank wire transfer, Neteller, and others. It would help if you stuck to your favorite payment method, which is excellent. Nevertheless, these different payment methods will be helpful if there is any restriction to specific deposit methods because of where you live.

We want to promote casinos that have fast processing times and reasonable fees and do not discourage their users from requesting their winnings often. The online casinos with the shortest payout waiting period and fastest processing speeds are the ones that we score high.

Customer Care (4)

We are all aware that online gambling can be a highly addictive activity. The dopamine/cortisol releases put the mind in a challenging position as it tries to cope with each user action’s risk/reward tradeoffs. We believe that online casinos are responsible for providing a good gaming experience and safekeeping their users from potentially hurtful habits. Like gaming platforms such as Sony Playstation and Microsoft X-Box, casinos should monitor the time playing, idle time, and money spent and report it to the user. We know people who have lost their whole net worth and gone into debt due to gambling addiction, and we hope that the casino will try its best, without violating the user’s rights, to help them have responsible fun. Our algorithm highly values if a casino offers analytics and email reports on usage.

The events we are particularly interested in and track thoroughly are major complaints, scandals, and high-profile lawsuits. If we notice such a public event, we immediately move that casino to our exclusion list and notify our user base through our email newsletter and social media posts.

Online Gaming (6)

Progressive jackpots are one of the most enticing features in slot play. Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune are some of our top-rated ones, but we always look for new ones.

One of our highest parameters is the availability of free and fair games. We want our audience to be able to test the gambling strategies and how-to guides we offer on our website. Before betting with your hard-earned real money, we want you to enjoy without risk and have fun!

Online Gaming (3)

More than 52% of web visits in the United States come from mobiles in . This number is likely to increase since mobile devices, phones and tablets are integrated into the daily lives of a large sample of the population. It is vital for a casino that wants to succeed that they offer a fantastic experience on both large and small screens. We visit the casinos we review from several responsive web browsers that emulate smartphones and tablets and look for differences from the desktop version. In particular, we are testing for specific features such as exclusive bonuses that appear only on mobile versions.

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