Free Bets And Bonus Offers

While much of what we write about at Online Casino US is all – obviously – all about getting the best casino deals and getting the most out of USA Casinos online, there are also other gambling products that often sit alongside the casino, where you can also benefit by claiming Free Bets and Bonuses – such as the prolific Sportsbook Free Bet offer. The online sportsbook Free Bet bonus is one of the traditional ways a Sportsbook keeps players loyal and gives greater value.

Discover the latest offers for sports betting, including free bets and casino bonuses.Discover the latest offers for sports betting, including free bets and casino bonuses.

What Is A Sportsbook Free Bet?

A Free Bet offer gives a player a chance to place a bet – usually on a limited number of markets – which does not require placing any real money wager. Usually, a Free Bet is added to a new player's account after making their first deposit at the gambling site. As with the online casino Free Spin offers, it's an excellent way for players to find their feet and get to know a Sportsbook site before making any significant real money wagers. The Free Bet will nearly always come with some restrictions, the same as No Deposit Casino Bonuses and Free Spins, which reduce the risk on the casino side – meaning there will be a cap on winnings, usually through blocking things like accumulators when using a Free Bet. But this varies from Sportsbook to Sportsbook, so it's always worth carefully reading the online gambling site's Free Bet terms and conditions before laying your bet.

Discover the latest Free Bet Sports offers and Casino Bonuses from Fanduel.Discover the latest Free Bet Sports offers and Casino Bonuses from Fanduel.

What To Look For In A Free Bet Bonus

When you're looking to sign up for an online Sportsbook, getting the most out of your Free Bet offer will be paramount, as there's nothing like having a positive gaming experience by winning your first sports bet from a Free Bet offer.

Size of Free Bet Amount

We tend to think the bigger, the better when receiving a Free Bet online. But, basing your choice of Sportsbook purely on how big the Free Bet offer is would be a mistake, as often, the less reputable gambling sites will lure players in with outsized bonus offers, which will usually have unreasonable wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements on a Free Bet

Check the wagering requirements on a Free Bet offer before registering a new Sportsbook account. Each Sportsbook or Casino has different limitations and wagering requirements attached to Free Bet offers. Some are easy to fulfill, while others are much more difficult. When signing up for a Free Bet, you'll always want to be able to cashout and turn that Free moolah into actual dollars, so be mindful of the wagering requirements before diving in and placing a Free Bet wager.

Free Bet minimum odds

Another restriction often added to Free Bets at online Sportsbooks is the minimum odds. This limits your ability to quickly turn your Free Bet into real money by not allowing you to bet on extremely likely outcomes. For example, a Free Bet will usually only apply to bets with a minimum of 1/2 or 1.5 odds. Some Free Bets do not have this restriction in place, so it's worth looking out for them, as you can parlay your Free Bet into Real Cash much easier than those with a minimum odds restriction.

Expiry Date on Free Bets

After opening a new Sportsbook account, your Free Bet should be credited instantly. Once the Free Bet is in your account, there will be a time period in which the Free Bet remains valid. The Free Bet offers with longer validity periods are good if you have a sports event in the future that you want to save your Free Bet for, although the majority of Free Bets will be valid for up to 7-30 days.

Payment Options

When signing up for a new sports book site, plenty of banking methods available is a good sign. Being able to withdraw from multiple methods, from credit cards, e-wallets, and direct bank transfers means you'll get through when you win with a free bet offer. Generally, having a wide range of payment options indicates that Sportsbook is a legitimate online gambling site. Of course, check the Sportsbook has a valid gambling license in your jurisdiction before all else.

Security and Customer Service

Often one of the biggest letdowns, even when we review the heavy hitter Sportsbooks online, is their need for more customer support 24/7. As a legitimate online gambling operator, having both top security – with certification and licensing, as well as encryption technology, and a round-the-clock customer support team via email, telephone, and Live Chat, is a vital asset that gives players peace of mind to keep playing at the Sportsbook.

Take advantage of exclusive sports betting free bet offers at FanDuel. Get started with no deposit free bet offers and enjoy exciting casino bonuses.Take advantage of exclusive sports betting free bet offers at FanDuel. Get started with no deposit free bet offers and enjoy exciting casino bonuses.

Free Bet Offers For Existing Players

The best online sportsbook sites don't just reward new players with a Free Bet offer. They also have regular Free Bet promotions on various sports events to give loyal sports bettors a chance to win from Free Bets and by offering enhanced odds. Usually, during a big sporting event like the Super Bowl or Fifa World Cup, a Sportsbook will have selections of bets where Free Bets are available to claim. Free Bets are also crucial to many Sportsbook operators' loyalty programs.

Differed Free Bet Offers And Bonus Types

As with Casino Bonus offers, the Sportsbook Free Bet offers come in many packages. Let's take a look at a variety of Bonus types and their differences.

Sportsbook First deposit bonus

Traditionally, the First Deposit bonus is an offer for new players signing up and making their first deposit at an online Sportsbook. The Sportsbook bonus works much like the casino's first deposit bonus, whereby you claim the bonus and make a deposit, after which the amount you have deposited is matched – on average, from around 50%-200%. These Sportsbook bonuses are often smaller than the casino bonus offer. Still, so long as the wagering requirements are reasonable, the Sportsbook welcome bonus of this variety offers good value for new sign-ups. Often, the bonus is available for specific events like soccer or baseball.

No Deposit Bonus offer

Taking advantage of a No Deposit Sportsbook offer means you will get a good feel for the online Sportsbook without having to wager any real money. Of course, there will be many restrictions on this type of bonus offer, from a cap on winnings to minimum odds and wagering requirements. As we always emphasize, read the Terms and Conditions of a Sportsbook bonus offer before accepting, even if it is a no deposit bonus – you'll still want to be able to withdraw your winnings if you do go on a good run.

Sportsbook Risk-Free Bets

Specific to online Sportsbooks, a Risk-Free sports bet allows players to place a real money bet, but if the bet doesn't come in, they are offered a refund on their wager. Typically, the refunded wager will be a Free Bet credit. As Sportsbet offers go, this is one of the popular bets with regular Sportsbook players, who get good value out of a risk-free bet.

Cash back Free Bet offers

Similarly, the Cash Back Free Bet offer gives a sports bettor their stake back as Free Bets if a particular favorite doesn't win or a pre-selected outcome does not play out. Again, this is a popular perk with sportsbook bettors online, as it gives them some insurance on bets if they do not pan out.

Bonus or Promo Codes

A Promo Code or Bonus Coupon is a popular way for online Sportsbooks to give players a choice of gambling offers to choose from across a wide range of betting markets. A promo code might be awarded on a specific sports market like basketball or a big event like a Grand Slam tennis event. A good sportsbook betting site will make it easy to find where to input the promo code, after which you should have the bonus in your account to bet with.

Odds Boosts

As an extremely popular offer for existing sports bet players, the operator selects various bets and gives the player enhanced odds – meaning they can win more. The Boost on odds means that for a specific timeframe, the sports bettor can place a bet on events like NBA Finals or Ryder Cup and get a higher % on their odds. It's easy to understand why sports gamblers like this kind of promotion, as it gives them that edge every gambler is looking to take advantage of, and if you do your homework and find the correct Odds Boost, it could make all the difference to your Sports bankroll.

Loyalty Free Bets

Free Bets are rewarded to more than just new players at an online Sportsbook. Sportsbook often has a VIP Club or Loyalty Program to keep gamblers sweet, where players can bet to receive Free Bets as part of their loyalty package after hitting a certain wagering threshold.

Free Bet Tips

When looking for the right sports betting site, check out the Free Bet minimum odds and expiry date. If the minimum odds are low and the expiry period long on the Sportbook Free Bet, there's a good chance you'll get more generous offers further down the line if you plan on becoming a loyal Sports Bet player. Getting a good deal at a sports betting site has a lot to do with how much you can maximize every bet, so the more Free Bet offers, boosted odds on a game, promo codes, enhanced odds deals, and other rewards, is going to be good for your long term sports betting bankroll.

Risk-Free Deal Tips

When opting for a Risk-Free deal, the wager returned on your losing bet will be either a bonus or a real money bet. Before placing your bet attached to the risk-free offer, ensure you know what you'll be getting in return if your bet doesn't come in and you get a refund.

Hedge your Bets

A popular strategy employed by savvy sports bet players, when hedging bets, a player places a bet at a rival sportsbooks site against the risk-free bet on the other Sportsbook. I.e., you'll be able to convert one or the other into winnings without risking real money. Although, err with caution, as this technique only sometimes works.

Parlay Bets at a Sports Betting site

Used as a method by gamblers to avoid significant losses on a bet, a sports bettor will place a 3-4 leg parlay with a Risk-Free Bet offer, where if as at a site like Fanduel, the site pays out on Risk-Free bets in credits and not a free sports bet, then the player who does their research could seriously cash in on this strategy without risking much real money.

Sportsbooks Free Bet And Bonus Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sportsbook Free Bet?

Sportsbooks offer a Free Bet as an incentive for players to sign up or as a reward to loyal sports bettors. If you open an account and accept a Free Bet offer, you can use the Free Bet on various sports bet markets, and if you win, the Free Bet will either payout on Bonus credits or payout as real money with wagering requirements attached.

Do all sports betting sites offer a Free Bet?

Not every sportsbook operator offers a Free Bet offer, but as a deal for new players, many sportsbook sites know the value of a Free Bet Welcome Bonus offer and it has become increasingly common to find it as the standard sign up Sportsbook offer.

Is a Free Bet the same as a deposit Match offer?

No, a Free Match Bet offer, is when a sportsbook matches your first deposit as a Sportsbook bonus amount. For example, if you deposit $50 after signing up to a Match Deposit Deal, you will get $50 extra to place bets. The Bonus amount will have wagering restrictions, so you will only be able to withdraw after some time.

Is a Free Bet the same as a Risk-Free Offer?

No, when a Sportsbook offers a Risk-Free Bet deal, they will refund your wager on specific sports bets if those bets - such as a favorite - do not place. The refund will usually be in the form of credits or bet bonuses.

What are the wagering requirements on Free Bets?

Wagering requirements, AKS playthrough requirements, are the amount of times you have to bet in order to convert your sportsbook bonus into cash and make it available to withdraw. To bet funds as a bonus, you must play it through several times before it's available to cashout.

Can I withdraw a Free Bet?

A Free Bet can not be withdrawn from the online betting platform. The Free Bet has to be wagered, and if your bet wins, the Free Bet winnings will be credited as either Sportsbook bonus funds or real money.

Do Sportsbooks only give new players a Free Bet Offer?

No, existing customers are often rewarded with Free Bet offers through deposit offers or as part of their loyalty program. Check online betting site promotion pages to see their permanent or limited-time promotion offers for new players - which may come with a Promo Code or Bonus Code to enter.

Will I need a Bonus Code to claim my Free Bet?

Many sportsbooks use a Bonus Code or Promotion Code, which players receive via email or on-site notification. Depending on the Sportsbook's way of doing things, you may get many deposit offers attached to a bonus code, while others ask that the sports bet player opt in or claim within the promotion page of the cashier.